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Thomas Mills and Windber Agway
A Family Tradition Since 1836

Thomas Mills and Windber Agway is your local authority for Lawn and Garden Supplies, Pet Supplies, Wild Bird Feeding, Coal and Wood Pellets, Ice Melt and much more! We strive to be your best source of information and advice for all products and services we offer.

Bulk Yard at Windber Agway

We are happy to supply Bulk Gravel Products, Soils and Mason Sand, as well as several Bulk Mulches at our Windber Agway Bulk Yard! With a fully-certified truck scales on location, you can pick-up your supplies at our yard with confidence of actual weight. We also offer delivery on all of our bulk products to aid in your home improvement efforts.

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Growing a Garden

At Thomas Mills and Windber Agway, we have garnered Seven Generations of gardening advice to help your home gardening efforts! With quality garden products in our seeds, plants, soils, fertilizers, pest control, fungus/disease control and general gardening information, Thomas Mills and Windber Agway is your source for home gardening expertise!

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Annamaet Premium Pet Foods

Thomas Mills & Windber Agway has been a loyal promoter of Annamaet Pet Foods for over 25 years. We believe in the honest, wholesome pet nutrition delivered by Annamaet Pet Foods and have yet to find higher quality pet food on the market! Stop into Thomas Mills or Windber Agway for personalized service and information about Annamaet Dog and Cat Foods!

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