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Products for Everyday Life - Available at Thomas Mills and Windber Agway!



Thomas Mills & Windber Agway is an authorized Ferrellgas Propane Reseller, with a Propane Filling Station at each store. Our Propane Filling Stations are available year-round and we also sell empty propane tanks if you need extra tanks around your home or property.

Bring your tanks and we will refill them while you wait – no appointments needed!

(NOTE: 100 lb. tanks must arrive on our property in an upright position and leave our property in an upright position.)



Thomas Mills & Windber Agway is your source for food-grade, feed-grade and water softener salts!

  • Top-Flo® Granulated Salt
    • Intended for a variety of food-processing applications, including baking, cheese manufacturing, meat processing, seasonings and prepared mixes. Contains yellow prussiate of soda as an anticaking agent.
  • Feed Mixing Salt
    • Quality agricultural grade feed mixing salt
    • Ideal for supplementing into animals’ diets
    • Economical choice
    • Screened to ensure easy flowing salt
    • Additive-free!
  • AGWAY Water Softener Salt – Iron Fighter Pellets
    • Pure salt for use in All water softeners. Helps prevent rust stains on laundry, fixtures, sinks, tubs and bathroom bowls. Reduces rust buildup and keeps water conditioning units running longer. Minimizes mushing and bridging. Keeps your water conditioning unit operating smoothly. Reduces softener maintenance costs.
  • AGWAY Water Softener Salt – Solar Salt Crystals
    • Clean, economical salt for use in all water softeners. Minimizes accumulation of brine tank residue. Crystals resist mushing and bridging.
  • AGWAY Water Softener Salt – Salt Pellets
    • Pure salt for use in all water softeners. Helps eliminate brine tank cleanout necessitated by insoluble material. Contains a patented additive to help prevent mushing and bridging in the salt keeper. Keeps your softener clean and trouble free.


Thomas Mills & Windber Agway is your source for quality do-it-yourself Quikrete Products!



Stop into our stores to see our selection of shovels, brooms, hoses and hose accessories, and many more varied necessities for your homestead!

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