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Bagged Ice Melt Products

Thomas Mills and Windber Agway is the leading retail and wholesale supplier of Ice Melt Products in the Johnstown / Laurel Highlands Regions of Pennsylvania. We are proud to offer the safest and best ice melt solutions – Keep reading to find the right product for your winter ice melt needs!


To discover which Ice Melting Products will best suit your needs, click the sections below for product details.

For additional information on product availability and pricing, Contact Us!

BEST Ice Melt Solutions


Calcium Chloride Crystals™

  • HOT! Calcium chloride based ice melt formulation
  • Fast acting and longer lasting
  • Provides increased traction control
  • Non-tracking
  • Easily dispersed and extended shelf life
  • Pet friendly

Ice Beeter® Ultimate

  • Enriched with beet extract and calcium chloride
  • Performs at lowest temperatures
  • Superior lasting performance
  • Color coated for visual coverage (blue tinted)
  • Super extended melting action
  • Formulated to reduce residue and tracking
  • Pet friendly
  • Effective to -30 degrees F

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meltco© Premium

  • 100% Natural
  • Child & Pet Friendly
  • No Nitrogen or Phosphorus Added
  • Melts Down to -15F Range
  • Enhanced with MCi3 for safe and optimum performance
  • Gentle on Vegetation
  • Safer for Concrete, Asphalt, Sidewalks and Pavers
  • Minimizes Corrosion
  • Biodegradable Green Color Indicator

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meltco© Commercial

  • Fast-Acting Formulation
  • Generates Heat
  • No Nitrogen or Phosphorus Added
  • Melts Down to -25F Range
  • Enhanced with MCi3 for safe and optimum performance
  • Ideal for spreading
  • Works in very low temperatures
  • Non-caking
  • Non-tracking
  • Biodegradable Orange Color Indicator

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BETTER Ice Melt Solutions


Mr. Magic®

  • Fast acting, long lasting formulation ice melt
  • Requires less than competing ice melt for same desired effect
  • Safety orange coating ensures visible and complete coverage
  • Easier on the environment
  • Easier on concrete, brick and wood
  • Safer for pets

GOOD Ice Melt Solutions


meltco© Treated

  • Melts Down to -5F Range
  • No Nitrogen or Phosphorus Added
  • Anti-Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Treated with MCi3
  • Endothermic formula
  • Enhanced with Anti-Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Ideal for spreading
  • Non-caking
  • Non-tracking
  • Biodegradable Blue Color Indicator

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Ice Patrol® – Rock Salt

  • Economical and effective ice melt
  • Optimally sized granules for maximum performance
  • Ice melt flows freely through commercial spreaders

Bulk Salt

For wholesale inquiries about Bulk Salt, please contact Thomas Mills and Windber Agway by phone or email:  Contact Us Here

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