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Annamaet Petfoods - Dogs and Cats

Thomas Mills & Windber Agway has been a loyal promoter of Annamaet Pet Foods for over 25 years. We believe in the honest, wholesome pet nutrition delivered by Annamaet Pet Foods and have yet to find higher quality pet food on the market!

Stop into Thomas Mills or Windber Agway for personalized service and information about Annamaet Dog and Cat Foods!  If you’ve never fed Annamaet Pet Foods, we will be happy to give you a FREE sample of the right formula for your pet!

NEW! Annamaet Original Puppy Formula

Annamaet Original Formulas for Dogs and Cats

Annamaet Grain Free Formulas for Dogs and Cats


Manitok Formula

(Manitok Formula not regularly stocked – please call for information)

Pet Treats

We stock a wide variety of pet treats, ranging from an array of biscuits to rawhide products and smoked body parts, like pig ears and bones!


SPORTMiX® biscuits are a great way to reward your dog while providing a delicious supplement to his diet. SPORTMiX® biscuits are naturally preserved and oven-baked with the highest quality ingredients. From the Large Biscuits to the Puppy Treats, there is a perfect biscuit for every dog.


Dogs love to chew… so let them tear into these delicious treats! Rawhide and unsmoked bones filled with flavors, smoked bones and pig ears, and all-natural biscuit treats are all great ways to reward your dog for good behavior. Stop into Thomas Mills and Windber Agway – our dog treat selection is always growing!

Pet Supplies

At Thomas Mills and Windber Agway, you’ll find basic necessities for your pets, such as cat litter, flea treatments, feeding bowls and crates!


Simply Fresh™ Natural Clumping Cat Litter is made from 100% sodium bentonite clay. This all natural clay-based litter forms extra hard clumps for easy clean up and helps reduce tracking. Blended with a natural fresh Green Apple scent, it will leave your litter box and house with a fresh, clean aroma! Locking in moisture and odors on contact for easy disposal, Simply Fresh™ Natural Cat Litter is also screened four times to eliminate dust for a cleaner litter box environment. An excellent choice for households with multiple cats!

Bio Spot Active CareTM
Flea & Tick Spot On® for Cats and Dogs

Click HERE for More Information>>

Farm Animal and Wildlife Feeds

We supply poultry, equine, swine, rabbit, deer and pond fish feeds, as well as salt and mineral supplements for horses, cattle and deer.


All Grain Layer & Breeder
Southern States All Grain Layer & Breeder is a complete vegetarian feed that is ideal for egg layers and breeders 16 weeks of age and up. The nutrient dense, all-natural formulation results in eggs produced with higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 content, and superior egg shell and yolk quality. The added pro-biotic optimizes feed digestion and overall heath in a natural way. Southern States All Grain Layer & Breeder is free of antibiotics, animal proteins and animal fats. Available in crumble and pellet forms.


Legends CARBCARE Senior
A pelleted/extruded feed for the special nutritional needs of older horses.


Solution Horse Feed
Southern States Solution is for horses that can benefit from a highly digestible fiber feed. This higher protein formula with added lysine provides well balanced nutrition for horses of all life stages and activity levels.


Southern States Rabbit Food
Southern States Premium Rabbit Food is an 18% protein complete feed for all life stages and breeds of growing and mature rabbits. This feed is highly palatable and digestible containing probiotics and yucca extracts.


Big Strike Pond Fish Food
Southern States Big Strike is a 32% protein floating fish food which has been formulated specifically for warm water species such as: Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Sunfish and Catfish. Southern States Big Strike is highly palatable, just throw our floating feed out on the pond and watch your fish eat and grow. A properly managed feeding program will allow you to increase fish stocking density as well as increase growth rates.


Imperial Whitetail Results
Imperial Whitetail Results is made for growing or mature deer to aid in maximizing antler growth, doe lactation and support fawn growth and survivability. Features Rainshed® technology to provide moisture resistance, hold condition longer in spin or tube feeders and reduce waste.

Trace Minerals
Formulated to provide essential salt plus the correct balance of trace minerals (zinc, iron, manganese, copper, iodine, cobalt) for healthy beef and dairy cattle, swine and horses. Plain white salt also available. Trace minerals available in 50 lb bags, 50 lb blocks, or 4 lb bricks. 

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