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Annamaet Pet Foods

Your Pets Deserve Only the Best Dry Dog and Cat Foods from Annamaet!

Thomas Mills & Windber Agway has been a loyal promoter of Annamaet Pet Foods for over 30 years. We believe in the honest, wholesome pet nutrition delivered by Annamaet Pet Foods and have yet to find higher quality pet food on the market!
If you’ve never fed Annamaet Pet Foods, we will be happy to give you a FREE sample of the right formula for your dog or cat!

Grain Inclusive Dog and Cat Foods

Annamaet's line of original canine and feline formulas have included healthy, ancient grains for over 30 years. Like all Annamaet products, these formulas are corn, wheat, and soy free.  Annamaet’s use of proteinated (chelated) minerals helps to support the immune system as well as optimal mineral absorption.


Formulated with a slightly higher fat content, appealing to active dogs, k9 athletes and working dogs.

Formerly Annamaet Encore – Annamaet Medium and Large Breed dog food is the same formula containing the same wholesome & sustainable ingredients!

Designed for older dogs or dogs with slower metabolisms, our Adult dog food is also a popular formula with kennels.


This formula is made with salmon and free range, grass fed lamb.

This “ultra” energy-dense product is formulated with super active dogs and performance dogs in mind.

A nutrient dense small breed dog food, designed to meet your dog’s needs throughout their lifespan. Small Breed is now available in small bite kibble!


Annamaet Original Feline formula is made with chicken, fish, and healthy whole grains. With added herring, it has passed the taste test of the most finicky cats!

Annamaet Original Senior formula is a grain inclusive diet formulated with higher protein, using lamb and white fish to optimize amino acid profiles.

*Please Call for Ordering Information

Our grain inclusive Original Puppy formula, made with chicken meal & brown rice, is highly palatable with optimum levels of calcium for proper growth.

*Please Call for Ordering Information

Grain Free Dog and Cat Foods

These formulas provide a high quality grain-free option that is held to the same standard of quality control as all Annamaet products. Annamaet's grain free formulas contain heart-healthy nutrients including supplemental taurine.


This grain free poultry formula is made with chicken and duck. Packed with superior ingredients and heart healthy nutrients, Annamaet Salcha also contains supplemental taurine.

This grain free, cold water formula is made with salmon and herring and provides a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, making it an excellent choice for dog’s with skin and coat issues.

This fresh meat formula is made with free-range lamb from New Zealand. Packed with superior ingredients and heart healthy nutrients, Annamaet Manitok also contains supplemental taurine.


This reduced fat formula contains half the fat of Annamaet’s other grain free formulas and is made with additional L-carnitine to increase fat metabolism and help to promote lean muscle mass.

This grain free, high protein formula is made with chicken and fish.

Feline Sustain No. 29 is a grain free, fresh meat formula, made with two MSC certified, sustainable sources of fish.

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Annamaet’s grain free puppy formula is made with wild, line-caught Alaskan cod and fortified with high concentrations of DHA & EPA from fish oil for brain maturation and development.

*Please Call for Ordering Information

A higher protein, grain free senior formula utilizing a novel protein, wild caught sustainable silver carp!

*Please Call for Ordering Information

Annamaet Sustain is a grain free, fresh meat formula made with MSC certified, sustainable line-caught Alaskan cod as well as a totally sustainable and stable form of DHA.

*Please Call for Ordering Information

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Pet Treats and Supplies

Dogs love to chew… so let them tear into delicious treats from our large selection! Rawhide and unsmoked bones filled with flavors, smoked bones and pig ears, and all-natural biscuit treats are all great ways to reward your dog for good behavior. Stop into Thomas Mills and Windber Agway – our dog treat selection is always growing!


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