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Home Heating Fuels

Coal, Wood Pellets and Propane to Warm Your Home All Season

With 2 Coal Yards, 2 Propane Filling Stations and a Year-Round supply of Hardwood Wood Pellets, Thomas Mills & Windber Agway have you covered for heating your home during the winter!

We offer delivery on coal and wood pellets year-round and our propane filling stations are available 6 days per week with no appointments necessary!


Two Coal Yards for Your Home Heating Convenience!

The staff at Thomas Mills and Windber Agway is ready to load the coal you need, when you need it, at the right price!

Thomas Mills Coal Yard
4963 Somerset Pike, Thomas Mills, PA 15935
(814) 479-4426

The Thomas Mills Coal Yard, located on Route 985 (Old Somerset Pike) approximately 5 miles south of Johnstown in the Village of Thomas Mills, is fully stocked year-round with Anthracite (Hard) Coal and seasonally-stocked with Bituminous (Soft) Coal. Equipped with a 21′ Platform Scales and equipment to load any size truck or trailer.

Windber Agway Coal Yard
1801 Stockholm Avenue, Windber, PA 15963
(814) 467-6669

The Windber Agway Coal Yard, located on Stockholm Avenue in Windber (approximately one-quarter mile off of Route 56), is fully stocked year-round with Anthracite (Hard) Coal and seasonally-stocked with Bituminous (Soft) Coal. The yard has a 35′ Mettler Toledo Truck Scales and equipment to load any size truck or trailer. 

As much as coal furnaces vary, so do the sizes and types of coal they require to operate efficiently. Our coal yards are stocked with the sizes of Anthracite and Bituminous coal you need to keep warm this winter.

It's our philosophy that high-quality coal in your bin means warm and happy customers, so we offer the highest quality coal available at competitive prices!

Home-BlaschakAnthracite copy.jpg

Anthracite (Hard) Coal

Cost-Effective, Convenient and Clean – We offer anthracite coal from Blaschak Coal Corp. 

(Available at Both Locations)

Hardwood Pellet Fuel

Appalachian Wood Pellets

Thomas Mills & Windber Agway supplies Premium Plus Hardwood Pellet Fuel from Appalachian Wood Pellets!

Appalachian Wood Pellets is a proud manufacturer and supporter of the wood pellet industry, specializing in the production of environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient wood pellets which are a sustainable, green alternative for your heating needs.


The benefits of heating with Wood Pellet Fuel:

– Sustainable
– Carbon Neutral
– Renewable
– Energy Dense
– Low Cost
– Easy to Store and Transport
– Efficient, Reliable, Scalable and Clean


Did You Know?

– When you replace your oil heat with wood pellets, you could save up to $680 per year!

– One ton of wood pellets has the energy equivalency of 2.8 barrels of #2 fuel oil!

– If you burn 1 ton of wood pellets, you will replace other heating sources by approximately:

  • 120 gallons of heating oil

  • 170 gallons of propane

  • 4,775 kWh of electricity


Did You Know?

– You’ll produce less CO2 than standard heating practices. What’s more is that our wood pellets are manufactured from sustainably harvested wood, making wood pellet fuel more environmentally-friendly!

– All our wood pellets are harvested from the United States—easing America’s reliance on foreign fuels and increasing jobs in the U.S.

Hardwood Pellets Delivered to Your Home!

Thomas Mills & Windber Agway will deliver Hardwood Pellets to your home! Our experienced wood pellet delivery team will help stock your garage or shed with wood pellets for the chilly winter months. With competitive hauling rates and professional service, we can deliver wood pellets to you 12 months a year!

Isolated compressed lpg propane in grayish white canister._edited.jpg

Propane Filling Stations

Bring your tanks and we will refill them while you wait – no appointments needed!

Thomas Mills & Windber Agway is an authorized Smith Propane Reseller, with a Propane Filling Station at each store. Our Propane Filling Stations are available year-round for quick and convenient refills for any size portable tank!

(NOTE:  100 lb. tanks must arrive on our property in an upright position and leave our property in an upright position.)


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