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Lawn Care Products

Let Us Help You Become an Expert in Lawn Care

Lawn and Garden products are available just about anywhere these days. But do you really know the differences between all those products on the shelf? How can you be sure you’re buying the right product for the right purpose?
At Thomas Mills and Windber Agway, we take pride in our ability to help you choose the right Lawn and Garden products for your needs. Once you have the right products, we’ll also help you learn to use these products safely and effectively.

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ProMate Turf Fertilizers are packed in full 50 LB bags that cover up to 15,000 sq. ft. to give your lawn the volume of nutrients it needs.

These are True Professional Products, now available to Home Owners!

PRO-MATE 19-0-0 with Weed Preventer
– Apply Mid-Late March—Before Soil Temperature Reaches 50°
– Prevents Germination of Crabgrass and Weeds
– Slow-Release Fertilizer: 8-12 Weeks

PRO-MATE 22-0-4 Weed & Feed
– Apply at First Sight of Dandelions and Plantain
– Kills Actively Growing Weeds
– Slow-Release Fertilizer: 8-12 Weeks

PRO-MATE 25-0-5 with Iron
– Contains Iron for Quick Green-Up
– Slow-Release Fertilizer: 8-12 Weeks

PRO-MATE 10-19-10 Lawn Starter
– Organically Enhanced to Promote Healthy Root Growth
– Great for New Seed and Fall Lawn Feeding
– Slow-Release Fertilizer: 8-12 Weeks

PRO-MATE 16-0-4 with Allectus Insecticide
– Contains Grub and Insect Control
– Controls Grubs, Ants, Fleas, Ticks and More for 8-12 Weeks
– Apply in Late May for Optimal Results
– Slow-Release Fertilizer: 8-12 Weeks



  • Test your soil every 3 years… a few $$ will save many!

  • Lime regularly to maintain an ideal pH in your soil.

  • Water regularly, water thoroughly, water early in the morning.

  • Use weed control products only on an as-needed basis.

  • Keep mower blades sharp!

  • No buzz cuts! Always leave grass at 3″ – 3.5″ height.

  • Fertilize 3-4 times per year to keep a lush, healthy, green lawn!



Once you get soil test results, we'll gladly help interpret the test and lead you to the products best suited to the needs of your lawn. Every lawn is different, so we don't prescribe the same regimen for each lawn. We want to help you make your turf as healthy as possible!

DIAMOND "T" TURF Quality Grass Seed

Diamond “T” Turf is our proprietary line of Turf Grass mixtures, formulated from only the highest-quality varieties of cool-season grasses to be top-performing mixes for the Laurel Highlands Region.

We have seen great success with Diamond “T” Turf Grass, which reinforces our family commitment to sell only quality products. Bring us a seed tag from a mixture you might have bought from a big chain store and we will show you the “trained eye” differences – you’ll be surprised!

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Garden Central

Thomas Mills & Windber Agway stores are your local centers for expert gardening advice and products!

Seeds, Plants, Fertilizers, Soil Amendments, Fungicides, Insecticides and More – We have the products you need and the expertise to show you how to use them properly for the greatest harvest yield!

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Espoma Organic Plant Foods and Soil Amendments are totally natural, totally safe, and totally easy to use – there is an Espoma product for all your gardening needs at Thomas Mills & Windber Agway and!


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